Senior Touch Football

Competitions are organised by Townsville Touch Football, and are held in both the winter (February - August) and summer (August - December) seasons each year.

The Winter Season

The Winter Season runs from the last Sunday in February until the middle of August each year. There are three competitions run during this time catering for senior players. The main competition is the Open competition which is held on Sunday afternoons. To participate in this competition players must be a member of one of the seven clubs that make up TCHTA. The open competition is for Men's and Women's divisions, with teams usually divided into grades, from 1st down to 5th grade in men's and 1st to 6th grade in women's.

On Monday nights the Corporate Mixed competition is held. This competition caters for individual teams and is also graded. Therefore catering for the competitive Mixed player as well as the social mixed player.

On Tuesday nights the Masters competition is held. This competition caters for the more mature player and is also for individual teams. The divisions are Over 30, Over 35, and Over 40.

Summer Season

The Summer season starts towards the end August and runs until just before Christmas. All competitions in the Summer are for individual teams, and as they are graded, cater for both the serious player as well as the social or beginner player.

Competition nights are Monday night which is the Corporate Mixed competition and Wednesday nights which is the Men's & Women's competitions, as well as another Mixed competition.